By Roger Low and Stephanie Mercier

Denver, Colorado (Credit: Wikimedia)

The Project

In Denver, Colorado, many residents experiencing chronic homelessness have long histories of rotating through multiple state and local systems — including jails, shelters, hospitals, and treatment centers. These cycles result in not only a lower quality of life for those experiencing homelessness, but also massive annual costs to taxpayers and the local community. In response, the City of Denver partnered with the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless and the Mental Health Center of Denver to deliver permanent supportive housing to chronically homeless Denver residents. …

Photo by Anna Moneymaker — Pool/Getty Images

By Melina Kiper

When I reminisce with friends, some of them will bring up “How do you say…?” as a loving callback to when we first met as teenagers. And while I can now look back on that time fondly, that sentence was more than an oft-uttered phrase — it was an assimilation tool that was key to my survival. It was a real-life tactic to help fit into a new country and immerse myself in new norms.

At the age of 14, I thought I had to make a choice between embracing my culture or assimilating into my new…

Courtesy of Joana Perez,

By Adrián Pedroza and Nithya Joseph

The systemic barriers to access and opportunity facing Latinx students and families existed long before the COVID-19 pandemic — but the fallout from this crisis has disproportionately exacerbated inequities facing the Latinx community, and Latinx students in particular.

In the most comprehensive national survey of the impact of COVID-19 on Latinx families, 70 percent of parents/caregivers reported that they are concerned about keeping up with payments for priorities like rent, mortgages, utilities, and food, 29 percent of respondents said they have lost a job due to the pandemic, and 52 percent have experienced a…

By the America Forward Team

Like so many people in Washington, D.C. and around the country, we at America Forward have struggled to come to terms with the unprecedented and deadly insurrection that unfolded at the Capitol last week. The violence was deeply personal. For many members of the America Forward staff, Capitol Hill has been a workplace and something of a second home for decades. …

By Deborah Smolover

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage, schools across the country continue to face monumental challenges — from providing safe and supportive learning environments, to adopting effective remote and hybrid education models, to addressing the needs of children affected by illness, economic hardship, and trauma. Faced with these challenges, old tools are no longer sufficient. …

By Jonathan Briggs

As a former educator, I know all too well the challenges teachers face when starting off an ordinary school year. Those challenges include organizing the classroom, building out lesson plans, engaging the families of incoming students and much more, all in a matter of weeks. But this is no ordinary school year, and the challenges teachers face now are unprecedented. Teachers, students, and families — particularly those in low-income, under-resourced school districts — are confronting enormous barriers as they re-enter school this fall. …

By Dr. Angela Jackson, Partner, New Profit and Roger Low, Policy Director, America Forward

The United States today faces an evolving economic crisis that has driven unemployment higher than at any time since the Great Depression. Black workers, in particular, are losing jobs at twice the rate of white workers. We’ve seen this before — the Great Recession a decade ago was far more severe and prolonged for Black and Latinx households. …

By Nicole Truhe

Current government decision-making about policies and funding allocations is too often focused on inputs and outputs rather than on outcomes. It is constrained by the fact that resources are often inefficiently siloed, locked into specific providers or programs, and does not incentivize innovation. It also fails to use research to provide adequate resources for prevention strategies instead choosing to support remediation activities and is impeded by limited availability of, and access to, data. By one measure, the Federal government allocates over $1.5 …

By Nicole Truhe

At America Forward, we believe that innovation and evidence are needed to more effectively address our country’s most pressing social problems. There are many challenges that we face as a nation that seem intractable yet imperative that we find a way to address to ensure the best possible life for children, youth and adults in communities across this country. Whether it is a growing achievement gap in schools, declining childhood health indicators, or high unemployment rates amongst certain populations, effective solutions are needed and a stronger social sector is critical to changing these trajectories.

By one measure…

The conversations with policy leaders that shape our future intensify during a presidential campaign. And, not just on the debate stage, but at rallies, in diners, at town halls, and on rope lines

America Forward

America Forward unites social entrepreneurs with policymakers to advance a public policy agenda championing innovative & effective solutions to social problems.

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